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Water Treatment Systems

AccentPDIR presents a range of state-of-the-art water treatment solutions from our premier partner, Modus Engineered Solutions. Modus products provide accurate and reliable monitoring of chlorine levels in water, with a durable and user-friendly design, and they include comprehensive solutions for accurate and reliable chemical dosing with high configurability. Modus water treatment solutions offer a powerful combination of precision, customizeable design, and simple installation for a range of applications including municipal, industrial, and wastewater treatment.

Chlorine Analyzer

Modus Chlorine Analyzers by AccentPDIR provide accurate and reliable chlorine measurements for water treatment and peracetic acid monitoring for food and beverage applications. Our analyzer is tailored to your system specifications and our application engineers can help you select the perfect product for your system application. Learn more about our Chlorine Analyzer by clicking below.

Chemical Feed Skid Packages

Modus Chemical Feed Skids by AccentPDIR are pre-packaged skids that are fully engineered, corrosion resistant, and highly customizable. Our appliction engineers can customize any size, shape, and volume to meet your application’s demands. Learn more about our modular Chemical Feed Skid by clicking below.

Triplex chemical feed skid with pumps mounted and piping, valves, sensors, and controls installed.