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Chemical Feed System

Built from many years of experience, Modus Engineered chemical feed systems are a ready-made solution for reliable and consistent dosing in various water treatment applications. These Modus systems are corrosion resistant, customizable, and simple to install and maintain.  

Triplex chemical feed skid with pumps mounted and piping, valves, sensors, and controls installed.

Key Features

Corrosion Resistant

Our system’s parts can be tailored to be chemically resistant to the harshest chemicals. From, piping, vales, pumps, and base, our engineers can build a system that suits your needs. 



Our systems are highly customizable – our engineers can build simple and complex systems with skids configurations ranging from one to four pumps with various premier pump products available.

Simple Install & Maintenance

Our Chemical Feed systems are designed as a complete package making installation a breeze. Plus, our pumps can be mounted and unmounted simply without the need to change the base.

Modus Chemical Feed Systems