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Chlorine Analyzer

Modus Engineered Chlorine Analyzer systems are a ready-made solution for water treatment monitoring offering instant and reliable water analysis for a variety of process applications. This panel mounted syste is designed for industrial, municipal, and commercial applications where water or product quality is essential. Available in many configurations, this turn-key product can be tailored to your specific application or system requirements.

Key Features


Instant alarm messages sent out when threshhold is reached.  Graphics of sensor values and control output status are easily accessed on screen or on web page.



Universal sensor inputs on the controller functions with the majority of sensors giving the user a flexible product selection. 

Easy Installation

Analyzers are built as a package on a panel and provides simple plug-and-play installation. The controller includes are a large touchscreen display with icon-based programming for simple setup.


  • 6 Relay Outputs
  • 2 Analog Outputs
  • Datalog & System Reports
  • Data Logger & USB Port
  • Alarm Email Messages
  • Range from 0-20 PPM

Amperometric Method 

Sensor utilizes two dissimilar metals (one as an anode and one as a cathode) behind a membrane to measure the oxidation-reduction taking place. Buffered electrolyte to allow the sensor the ability to measure the parameter over a wider pH range. The sensor is able to continuously monitor the water without intervals. 

Our monitoring system can be customized to operate in various flow conditions. Additionally, our sensors can detect key charatersics in your water treating including:

  • Chlorine
  • Ph
  • Peracetic acid
Walchem controller for a chlorine analyzer system.
Amperometric sensor product picture.